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You do not need to know Italian to appreciate Amedeo Minghi's music!

October 2, 2006

Dear Amedeo,

my name is Rosalie, and to me you are the quintessential musician, singer, writer, of incredibly gorgeous music. I happened to be in Rizzoli , a New York book and music store about six years ago. I heard this incredible voice of yours, asked the salesperson what the recording and artist was they were playing. It was "La vita mia". I purchased the CD and from that moment my husband Roy and myself became ardent lovers of your work. We do not know, speak or understand the beautiful italian language, however, it is so glorious especially when performed by yourself.

Amedeo, I was telling Mariagrazia that I like your music so much that I have duplicate copies of several of my favorite CDs - La vita mia, Anita, Su di me, Decenni, Minghi, and I have just bought another copy of Dallo stadio Olimpico live. You have captured my heart. I go to sleep every night with a headset playing several of your recordings. I love love the background, the instruments, the acoustical quality, arrangements, passion, lyrics, I appreciate it all.

So disappointed that we will not be able to meet you personally at the parade. I will be glued to the T.V. to look for you. Maybe some day you will return to the U.S. and we shall be introduced! Again #302 and #303 USA Fan Club members wish you well. Thank you so, so much for enriching our lives every day with your magnificent voice. We truly listen and absorb it all. We are in our mid sixties and regret that were not aware of you years ago.

Wishing you and your loved ones peace and good health with love always.


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