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The following is the English translation of the details regarding Amedeo's series of concerts entitled "DI CANZONE IN CANZONE" posted on his official website:

"Starting on October 26, 2009, Amedeo will hold a "unique" series of concerts at the "Ghione" Theater in Rome within a six month period as follows:
October, 26, 2009 - November 24, 2009 - December 21, 2009
January 18, 2010 - February 15, 2010 - March 8, 2010.
They will all be different performances during which Amedeo will reintroduce one by one all of his unpublished albums:
His popular greatest hits along with songs taken from:
    * " Amedeo Minghi" * " Minghi" * " 1950"
    * " Quando l’estate verrà" * " Cuori di pace" * " Serenata"
    * " Le nuvole e la Rosa" * " I ricordi del cuore"
    * " Come due soli in cielo" * " Cantare è d’amore"
    * " Decenni" * " Anita" * " L’altra faccia della luna"

We thought of beginning with one performance per month. Obviously their implementation will depend on the reception they will receive. This is a novel initiative which will allow Amedeo and his audience to retrace together a long and rich musical path, an endeavor otherwise impossibile to realize considering the size of Amedeo's production. In the course of the performance, other surprise "guests" might be present.

Amedeo will be on stage alone... the piano, his faithful companion. In the background, a large baroque gilded frame which was also present in the famous recital "Forse sí musicale" first held on April 1989 (with 160 performances in all major Italian theaters within 3 seasons), will add a graceful touch. An elegant hanging drape trailing behind the scenes, slowly vanishing...., the music, extraordinary videos, and Amedeo's "racconti" (recountings), a sort of spoken reflections, will complete the performance. It will be a long, intense journey regarding the matters of the heart. We believe these performances will be as unforgettable as Amedeo's music."

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